Moultrie Mobile Tutorial Videos

We have recently put together a few Moultrie Mobile tutorial videos to help assist in registering, activating, and setting up your Moultrie MV-1 Modem.

Videos are below:

How To Register Your MV-1Modem
Learn how to register your MV-1 modem using

How to Activate Your Modem
Learn how to activate your Moultrie Mobile modem.

How To Set Up the MV-1 Field Modem
Learn how to connect the Moultrie MV-1 to your game camera and perform operational tests before deploying to the field.


  • well - tues nite I set up modem next to computer - it went like a dream - pics came to app dashboard - but wasn't able to take cam and modem to field, so popped out battery tray in Modem - thurs eve took to field and NOW modem seems 'dead' - the 'awake' light reacts with 'test' button, that is IT !! camera is taking pics, and says it is connected to USB, but NONE of the status lights on modem are waking up At All - even with new batteries; I've done process on page 6 in the mv1 manual half dozen times - Help Somebody ??

  • I guess you got a decent signal in the field? Antenna all the way down. Green or red lights on side is signal and battery.

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