Trying to buy feeders no luck in contacting


For the last month I have been trying to buy feeders, or at least get a quote. Have emailed and called many times without a response. I am hoping this avenue works.

Will you please help me with a quotation for 34 x Pro Magnum Feeder Kits plus delivery to:

Murray Cod Australia
Paul Van Der Werf
Farm 1444D Bilbul Road
Bilbul, NSW. Australia 2680
[email protected]

I would also like to know if you have a 6.5 gallon internal feeder funnel. If so can you add to the quote 34 of them. Please include payment options.

Any questions, please let me know



  • I've passed your information along to someone who can hopefully help. Hope everything shakes out for you.

  • Thanks for that. I got a response with the price of the feeders in an email, not a quotation, no shipping and no payment options. This has been going for months. Any help speeding this up will be appreciated.

  • Ok update....

    Received quote and made payment on 23rd October.
    No contact since then.

    Have emailed twice to confirm payment and get an idea on the ETA for the 34 feeders, yet as today no contact at all.

    Please get this sorted. Very poor service.

  • We are now at 8th of December, money paid months ago (see above), absolutely no contact or responses to emails or in this forum. Please advise

  • I'll check in on this; let me get back to you.

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