888 taking black and white pics during daylight

have a 880 gen2 that is awesome. decided to treat myself to a 888, which is a big investment camera wise on my budget. out of 100 broad daylight pics atleast 25 of them will be black and white at randon intervals and times of day. cam is facing North and not in too much shade. my 880 does EVERYTHING better than the 888. Day and night pics are better on 880. Not too happy with my 888. im a Moultrie guy but this being my most expensive camera ever is upsetting


  • @factory819 Sorry to hear you're having problems - we definitely want you to have the best experience possible. Please refer to www.moultriefeeders.com/firmware-faq to make sure that you have the latest and greatest firmware for your M-888 (we try to tweak it and make sure you get the best of the best). If you're still having problems, give our CS department a call at 1.800.653.3334. A bad experience isn't at all what we want you to have, so let's see if we can straighten things out!

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