Firmware update..

M40i camera. the firmware needs to be updated. Have used 2 differant cards, 8gb, SandIsk, relatively new.Update loads onto sd card in computer but when I put it in camera to upload it keeps saying "Fail!" Tried several times, anyone help??


  • Are you positive you used the right file for the M-40i? Mine updated just fine. I don't know what Moultrie will tell you, but I would verify you picked the right one for the M-40i.

    Format the SD card, put the BIN file on and try again?

  • its the only file that comes up when I click M-40i. But thanks, been 2 days since I asked for help, none yet!

  • been nothing but unhappy since I bought it

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    Np! I would advise a little patience. This is new tech and they are working on issues. The dev team is very active on these forums and have answered both of my questions and issues. One was on have to use a separate clean sd card and bin file for camera or they will be assigned the same ID.

    Anyway. For your issue I would try the formatted sd cards and a fresh BIN file. Maybe even a factory reset on your camera prior, though I do not think this clears a firmware update (but yours did not succeed anyway)

    And definitely wait for a Moultrie tech to get eyes on this. The fact they can also get right into people's modem and settings and fix things is amazing, and great support!

    I ordered two more modems to give me 4. I am really excited about the potential here, even with a few issues. The big thing for me is heavy power drain on even lithium ions in the modem. I had to change to 2 updates a day from live immediate updates (the whole point I want them for hunting). But I ordered two Moultrie 12v batteries to see if it can handle live updates with no delay picture taking.

    Good luck!
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    meant to say:
    *separate card and BIN file for each camera
    (or at least a fresh BIN)

  • i have an i40c that took a picture of nothing for 2 weeks, (1832 pictures of nothing) also the flash stopped working as well? any ideas?

  • I've had issues updating firmware when I've downloaded multiple times. Make sure you are copying only one file to update.
  • Ive had firmware update issues with the A-35, I get that "FAIL" error. Funny, even when I do get one to update, it still shows "Update Available" on my account device screen, so I try the update and get the FAIL indicating I already have the latest firmware update.

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    I have an A35 and an A30i that won't take the update. Numbers stay the same and FAIL. Even with a Moultrie card. My other A35 did fine. I clear the card in the camera and start over. Same thing. They work fine on their own.

  • Yeah I dont really care, other than anytime you call for tech support the first thing they say is, "OHHHH I SEE YOU NEED TO UPDATE THE FIRNWARE" and assume that's causing whatever issue you're calling about.

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