M-1100i trail camera

Why does my M-100i camera take pics in color then in black and white, when its seconds from 1st pic?......also some pics are white, and you can barely see anything?......camera is only couply months old


  • @green6400 I don't know exactly where you have your camera set up, but if I had to guess I'd be willing to bet that it's in a heavily shaded area and/or the pictures your describing are happening right around dawn/dusk or other low-light conditions.

    When the camera wakes up it has to make an intelligent choice whether or not to take a 'day' or 'night' picture. We're always tweaking this to try and make it better, but unfortunately there are some times when the camera makes the wrong choice and you wind up with either darker pictures or really really bright pictures right on the edge of this transition time.

    There might be a firmware update to help improve this transitional period, but I'm not entirely sure. Give our CS department a call and they should be able to help you find out if your firmware is the latest.

  • Ok, ill call to see bout formware updated, thanks for getting back, and yes camera is in thick woods
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