Modem not reporting lately

I have two trail cams w modems attaches All 2017

I’ve had issues with screen on one not illuminating. But as long as I leave it alone it’s been fine taking pics etc

The other was working fine until a few weeks ago and it quit sending photos. I checked in the field and it had photos on Sd card. The camera was acting sluggish and seemed to want to freeze 30 minutes later camera was working fine. But modem still does not send me pics. Except for when i press the test button. It sent me pics

Please help



  • @Tank Your camera is reporting a connection error when your system is hitting the server. This can be caused by several different things. I can see that neither of your cameras have the latest firmware so I would start by updating the firmware, then format your SD card in the camera. This will likely solve your issue.
    After you do this, press the test button on the side of the modem. If you see all three status lights, Awake, Camera, Server and you see USB connect on your camera screen you should be go to go.
    If you do not get the camera light or see USB connect on the camera screen you can try some additional trouble shooting list below or contact customer service. they can help walk you though. 1.800.653.3334

    Reasons why the MV1 may not be recognizing your camera
    1. Security code on the camera: This will lock the modem out and prevent images from being uploaded. To remove a security code from the camera, set your camera back to factory default.
    2. Check the SD card:
    a. Format the SD card to the camera. You do this by erasing the SD card from the camera. See your owner’s manual for your particular camera model if you are not familiar with the option.
    b. Be sure you are using the correct card type. Standard SDHC. High performance can cause and issue. Stay away from anything labeled: Performance, Ultra, Professional, Maxflash etc. Micro and Mini SD cards are not recommended for the camera either.
    3. Check the USB Cable- There are two ways you can do this:
    a. Connect the camera to your computer with the USB, turn the camera to Custom Start. The computer should recognize the camera is attached.
    c. Attach another USB cable to the camera and modem.
    4. Check the USB port on your camera for damage. If there are no pins in the port or you can see backlighting from the buttons, the port is damaged.

  • I have a MCA- 13300 that is only three months old and it will not power up
    Installed new batteries and still wont power on. Need help any suggestions.
  • @crawfishww That will likely require a call to Customer Service.

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