Issues with ProMagnum feeder

I have two pro magnums that do the same thing. When the hopper has corn in it, the spinner plate will occasionally work or most of the time will turn a partial turn and stop. During the spin cycle, I can take a stick and help it go and it'll spin fine until the timer is up. When there's no corn in the hopper, all test spins are perfect. It's like the pressure from the feed is causing the spinner/motor to strain and not turn. The feed is clean and not clogging at all in the hole.

Does the funnel help with any of this or do you think there's an actual motor/spinner problem? I plan on sending them in for warranty replacement but I'm willing to bet that they send them back stating no problem found. The batteries are new and have tried two different sets of new batteries with the same results.


  • Definitely strange. What it sounds like is happening is the motor isn't able to over-come the torque required from a stall condition. The most common cause of this is the battery being dead and not being able to supply enough current. If you have any way of monitoring the battery voltage (like a voltmeter or something) it would be interesting to see what the voltage output of the battery is during the spin cycle - if it's dropping very low but then bouncing back up when the spin cycle is over that means that it's actually dead or close too it, but is providing a sort of false high when there is no load on it.

    Obviously I can't rule out a QA thing, but two in a row would be some serious back luck! I would definitely give Moultrie CS a call and tell them the problems you're having, because it absolutely shouldn't be doing that under normal operation.

  • I am having the same problem. I wonder if adding a second battery will increase the current enough to overcome the issue. Does anyone have any thoughts on 1 battery vs 2?

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