Camera Failed, don't work after just one season!

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My Camera, the Model MCG-13034 GameSpy will not come on and I put new batteries in it. I only used it once and had it inside to use this year and it just does not work!

I have a couple of other Moultrie cameras and they work fine but this model failed after just 3 weeks of use. I kept it inside until this season and when I went to turn i9t on, it does not come on and I replaced new batteries in it that worked in my other cameras so I know it is not the batteries.

Can I get this one replaced? Please send any comments to - [email protected] I check that everyday.


  • @LeonPui Let us take care of you! Give our customer service team a call and we will get you taken care of and get you a camera that is working for you. 1-800-653-3334

  • The camera I have also is a piece of junk, it captures photos only half the time, and then quits all together. I've troubleshooted the thing, I bought it because the ratings were so high.

  • @GolddustWoman

    Have you troubleshooted it with our customer service team?

  • I had the same exact problem with my Gamespy. Returned it. I'm a huge fan of Moultrie especially their M80 and M100 but Moultrie really missed the ball with this one.

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