Bear Magnet Products ?

Right now we are allowed to use Baiting Type Products for Bears. I put out your Moultrie Bear Magnet Product and it was out for about 2 weeks and had a Bear on a Trail put the Product on a stump very close to that trail and now no Bears, Put at a second Location also with a Game Camera watching it and nothing. I have Black Bears in the area, your small 32 oz ( Potent oil-based formula disperses scent quickly and intensely for extended effectiveness. Apply to trees, laydowns or the ground) and No Bears? I just tried your Raspberry but doubt it will work if Your Oil Based did not?

Guess Michigan Bears don't like your Product. If I had a bear use the trail and now once used there is no bears? Guess Michigan Bears don't get Attracted to this Product as It is "Proven and Tested" and does not attract them? After almost 2 weeks at the same 2 different locations! Waste of $ if Bearing Hunting is only open for baiting and then Hunting for a Month. And it has been just under two weeks since you can use bait! Guess I need to find a Donut Shop with left overs since your Product does not actual Work??? Another 2016 Moultrie Product that is marketed but does not works as marketed!


  • Added more and still have yet to see any bears in game camera images??? Second check at 2 locations???

  • Just get grease from your local restaurant, works way better than their products.

  • I use bear magnet bacon, works great had bear on camera withing 5 hours after pouring it on a stump. I also use code blue cover scent spray/wipes, and racoon scent as a cover up on a drag anytime im in and out of my hunting areas. so there is literally no trace of me ever being there. maybe bears caught your scent?
  • I have tried many Lures and no Bear it has been almost a Month, used their Bear Magnet Scent Lure & their Raspberry at 2 sites and have game cameras on both and No Bears... We usually have a few bears in the area and had a Sow with 2 small cubs back in June travel past but since I have had no Bear... I have cams at other spots and had 2 smaller bears pass them but none have checked my Sites where I put the Moultrie Products even went and got a container of the Bacon Flavor 2 weeks ago and as of now still no Bears poured it on stumps even took large tree trunk pieces and put in that and nothing. So as to working not as for Grease have to access to that and I don't want to cook up Back to get it either. Last weekend I put out another Bear Lure a Bear Paste will know if it attracted any bears in another week when I have a chance to check my cams again but the Moultrie Products Did Work but have deer passing by as well as other Rodents, raccoons & skunks and the like it! But NO BEARS!
    Thanks guess the bears prefer Apples over a commercially made products because they climb my apple trees to get to the fruit but just small bears! And they say if there are small bears there, there are also Big ones!

  • A friend has been Bear Hunting for a week now and he gave up on our property saw no bears... I had out the Bacon and the Raspberry and well the Bear Magnet Product and he saw nothing and he had out all kinds of Bacon Grease, Donuts, etc and the only thing that he got on camera was raccoons and skunks hitting his bait mine was near it just to try and lure them in but nothing so he found a Guy that was to have had an Active bait 30 miles north hi his property and he hunted the last 2 afternoons and only got a glimpse of a small one. He has one more try tonite... So much for a Product that is TO Work appears to be just like the 13050 940i Flash Extender now have had 2 and Both don't work as advertised for Video Use stops after the initial 10 seconds 3 different black flash game cameras and one is set to 60 seconds and no limit as the others were at 30 seconds and it Never Restarts as it is suppose to maybe only good for Pictures not Videos!!! Very Disappointing!

  • Well after a while the only thing that came in to the Bear Magnet Raspberry was a few Deer most Does & Fawns never a bear. It was poured on a log 2 ft long 25 feet from a game camera, so much for attracting bears but maybe might be a good Doe / Fawn Lure but not a "Bear" Lure! And Bear Season is Over... Did not work as Marketed!

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