Timelapse and Motion+Timelapse Videos

Ive never utilized the time lapse features on any of the Moultrie cameras I've owned. I was considering giving it a shot and went to the Moultrie link and they no longer offer Plot Watcher. Instead they provide a couple links to third party apps. Anyone doing time lapse videos and what are you using for an application.


  • I've never messed with the time lapse feature either. I don't have any food plots to hunt so for me, it's just never used.

    That being said, I'm sure most simple applications would allow you to combine videos or images into a single file. I use Power Director 15 for my video editing but that's way more than one would need. I'd find a free download of something if I were you.

  • I have the S50i and use timelapse. I do 2 photos in the morning and 2 in the late afternoon. It lets me see the weather and its a daily confirmation that the camera and modem are working.

  • So how do you get shut time lapse off?

  • Set it to motion detect, only.

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