Lithium Batts vs “EST Remaining”

I bought two model MCG-13035 that were “Refurbished”. Bought two packs of Energizer AAs, checked every battery individually. Average voltage was 1.787VDC. Put both cameras out. Checked a week later and both cameras were off. Check batteries and voltage was .9-1.3. Bought another two 12 packs of Energizer AAs and checked VDC, all were same as before. Loaded new batteries and camera says battery strength is 99%. But also says “EST Remaining: 2 Days”.
Lithium’s should last an entire season. I’m now $60 poorer on batteries alone. What is sapping power at a rate that would kill brand new Lithium Energizers in two days?


  • Lithium batteries play funky tricks on battery metering. I'm told it's because of how they retain their charge.

    That being said, I rarely pay much attention to battery readings in most devices-especially game cameras. Run them until they die.
  • Thanks. Appreciate the response. Just started using Lithium based on what I’ve read on line. Hopefully these last more than a week.
  • I run my s50i on a remote 12V battery, and keep the lithiums in the camera. I've had much better results.

  • Duracell coppertops last about a year in my moultrie cams. Im not paying more for lithium.

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