New 4G Modem Release Date

Is there any information available on the estimated release or availability date for the new 4G modem? Really want to get more modems, but hard to even find an MV1 right now. Just bought a new Stealthcam wireless model, but the Moultrie system is far more user friendly when working and I can't wait for the new ones.


  • This is why I don’t own any more moutrie..
    Lack of communication from moultrie is why I sold all my Moultries. I took the money I got from selling them online (got more for used modems than what they cost new) and bought 16 cuddelink and 2 cuddeback modems. Work flawlessly- I’m getting 2 months on a set of AA and can increase that with the batteryback they sell.

    Here’s a message to moultie— communicate with your customers or they won’t stay your customers.

    I love the moultrie app and user interface- yes I had problems at first, everyone did, they were trying to get their crap together. But then they worked and worked great. Not knowing what end of 3G is going to do or if my modems would still work next year or when the 4G was going to be available. See ya later Moultire.
  • 4G units will be hitting our websites and shelves in the next few weeks. If you aren't on our email list, go to our website and sign up and you will get an email as soon as it's available.

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