Modem battery ready 0 with new batteries

So I made the 5 hour drive to check camera-both we’re down

Put new batteries in modem along with brand new 12v external battery -within 3 hours modem is showing 0% on app and warning text

How is this possible? Modem gone bad

Beyond frustrating

Any ideas? Thank you


  • I've had my modem and camera connected to the 12V external battery via the Moultrie Splitter and the Camera reads 100% and the Modem % changes almost every check in. Sometimes 40%, sometimes 90% or even 100%. And they are connected to the same power source and INSIDE a house, so there is no moisture or corrosion, etc. I've even checked the connections with a multimeter and both plugs on the splitter have the exact same battery voltage.
    I've never figured it out.

    Was your 0% battery based on a NEW check-in with a new photo, AFTER you installed the batteries and did a reset on the modem and camera?

  • Great information-thank you

    Yes-zero battery reading was after new AA batteries and new 12v installed-reset and new picture taken and sent after all that.

    Trying to figure it out while i am 5 hours away from home-

    Frustrating and hard to figure out-guess I am not the only one with this issue

    When it works-it’s great-when not-expensive monthly billed paper weight..
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