Moultrie iPhone/Android phone card reader

Well there seems to be a problem with the iez drive AP, the older version V4.3 has worked fine with my old iPhone. I have upgraded to the new iPhone 10 and the only AP available now is the iez Drive Pro 1.0. It will not recognize the Moultrie reader?


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    Wow! 45 views and not one response????

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    Read the last post here:
    I think my son uses the card reader from apple. He had the Iphone 8. Has the xs max or whatever it is now. Not sure if he's tried to download with it yet. We haven't checked cams since Dec.

  • Wish I could help you, but I'm an android guy myself so I'm not sure how it performs on iOS, or what app it's supposed to have or what not. You could try reaching out to customer service, they may have a cheat sheet somewhere that has the answers.

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