P-180 firmware update issue

Having trouble updating firmware on P-180i. It's taking pictures and uploading to the server but seems slower than the 5 other cameras I have in service. I've updated firmware in all 9 other cameras I own without a problem. Downloaded both bin files from website to different cards in different orders but the latest rev doesn't update on the camera. The camera sequences and restarts like it has updated but still shows the older firmware rev at startup? Hoping someone might have some tips?


  • I had this issue on a couple. Maybe try deleting or formatting in the camera then, upload the firmware to the card.

  • Thanks for the advice. It's worth a try. I can't remember purposefully formatting in the camera then saving the bin files to it on the PC.

  • I'm still not able to upgrade the firmware in the P-180. It's the first P-180 I've put in service and works well with corral pig traps, prevents using multiple cameras/modems. My hair isn't on fire over the update, just trying to optimize. There's 2 firmware update files on the website. I've downloaded both directly to the SD card per the instructions. I've tried every combination of formatting, file sequence and alternate SD cards that I can think of. I don't get a failure result from the update attempts with both files on the card, the device appears to read the update(s) and restart but doesn't have the latest firmware revision. I only get a failure result when I try to update with the single bin file that has the latest issue date. Posted a support request from the website a few days ago but they're probably slammed. Anyone got any ideas?

  • I bet they are slammed.......... Or drunk
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