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Anyone getting pictures but no text alerts?


  • I saw a couple mention it.

  • Yeah, I have the same problem. It started about 2 days ago. No text or push alerts, but when I login, the photos ARE still coming in at the regular times (timelapse).
    I use my camera for security and safety, so missing an immediate motion alert for me is a problem. I'm hoping this gets fixed soon.

  • Same thing here in central NC. Started a couple days ago. Getting pictures, no SMS alerts.
  • Yep... guess another quirky issue with MoultrieMobile... and yet again occurring during the rut... why issues always during prime time trail cam season?

  • Same here for the last few days , and no response on my contact us messages sent either. GREAT CUSTOMER SERVICE

  • Texts working now for me finally
  • LoL , yep. Just woke up to text messages from two days ago. Double check the timing. And if they are from this morning then it didn't upload pics.
  • Now they have stopped again lol
  • They stopped as of yesterday? I've had pretty consistent notifications since Friday night (a few hiccups before hand)

  • Yes they completely stopped for me for 3 modems. They started working again though
  • Texts have stopped again. I'm getting pics and email alerts but no texts
  • I swear I think they rotate who gets it and who doesn't

  • Today I have the opposite problem. Texts but no pictures LOL

  • Not getting text since about 10:30 last night
  • No text/push notification this morning, but at least there are new photos for me.

  • I didn't get any overnight, but I just got one presently so they are flowing right now it appears.

  • Nope I just got some pictures 10 mins ago and did not receive a text for them. It’s weird how it affects some people and not others.
  • Maybe something got clogged and now everything is playing catch-up. I'd be interested to know if you get anything within the next hour or so. If not, I'll see who I can shake loose from the hunting stand to figure it out.

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    Haven't received any all afternoon. I'll keep posted if anything comes through tonight
  • I've had spotty notifications but pics are still rolling in.
  • No pics and just got text notifications not from last night but at least from this afternoon. Enough with the damn "hiccups" already.
  • I'm guessing mines in a d*** coma since 1:30 am.

  • Last text I got was actually 6:36 yesterday. I see they are now making up for late texts. And now I can't load pictures.
  • Mines been working fine last few days now I got 24 notifications but when you go to app it wont load any pictures
  • Yep...... AGAIN
  • Appears to be working now

  • Just got five text messages within the last four minutes 6:04am and received two pics
  • Push notifications must be clogged up too.
    Received 85+ last night for < 20 pics.
    Got real excited until I opened pics 😩
  • They must have been trying to catch up. Yesterday I was getting pics but just a few notifications. This morning, all the notifications rolled in until about 9:00 am. From then on, it's been as normal. I get a notification about 2 mins after the pic.

  • Same here, would be nice if they could figure out the crappy delay in service and actually explain to the customer base why it's happening. Would more than likely keep some customers that way.
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