3G off?

In Northern Minnesota I have had no 3G at all since Friday Nov 2nd . So no Pictures will show up on the App old or new. Galaxy 7 locked up on LTE only. and can't find 3G at all. Text comes in about new pics but can't see them. So it seems like Verizon has shut down 3G at least to Straight Talk phones.


  • Seems to load to phone using web site instead of App really slow tho.Got no deer up here any way just these.😥
  • Technically I don't think they are actively replacing 3G towers yet, but it wouldn't surprise me if they weren't necessarily fixing 3G towers as they go down. Unfortunately the modems are at the mercy of the provider in that regard, and there isn't much than can be done other than hold out for the 4G version coming out soon.

  • Will the 4G Modems work any differently than the 3G?
    Basically, will we "see" or "notice" any differences with the website, app, features, with the 4G? Or is it expected to be an identical replacement for the 3G modems?

  • If you look at the plans page on MoultrieMobile.com you can see out of the gate that the 4G Equipment has a shift in the plans - using images over raw data. Otherwise I would expect to see potentially faster upload times (4G has much more bandwidth) and - don't quote me on this - but possibly even increased coverage area. 4G has a frequency band that is pretty low on the spectrum meaning it should permeate into more dense areas than stock 3G Equipment potentially.

  • How many thumbnails equivalent will a hi res be on 4g.? Seems like it was about 4 or 5 on 3g kb size?
  • Oh it was well more than that on 3G. I've heard equivalence of 35 thumbnails for the image plan, but I can say from previous experience for 3G that the file sizes for hi-res images quite often exceed even that number.

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    Have mercy! Lol. Ive ordered a few this cycle. Along with lots of time lapse. I'm about 15% in a large plan. Or about 375 pics worth into it. I have wasted 240 on 4 1min time lapses. 48 a couple times. 5 hi res this cycle i think. A few motion detect. Someones being generous to me. Thank ya
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