SMS but no pictures

I received a bunch of SMS messages last night at 12:05 CST but when I look both on the mobile app and my PC I don't have any pictures. Is there an issue going on?


  • Maybe they were from the pictures I'm suppose to get, but my camera doesnt wake up and take any.

  • Went through this the last week but it's been decent the last couple days

  • It's almost as if they can here you say everything is cool and then WHAM-O! they Pres the screw you button. Text but no pics OF ANY KIND OLD OR NEW.....
  • Maybe it's the missing texts from a couple of days ago? In all seriousness though, if that keeps up you might want to reach out to customer service and give them a heads up that something strange is consistently happening.

  • SMS but NO pics on web site again. This year has seen a lot of issues.
  • I have the same issue too... I had it last week as well then randomly they pictures all came into my app and web mid week. I agree it has been pretty rough this season with the reliability issues. Might be time to sell this camera and move on to something that actually works.

  • 10 sms messages today since my last actual pic per sms notification. None of the New messages have pics to match.This sucks!
  • What really aggravates me is most all of us have a decent sized investment even in just one or like me two modem/cam setups. Now not only is the system failing us during the time that we needed it most but they're now talking obsolete 3g equipment. Wish I would have known this last year when I purchased my second setup.
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