modem not sending pictures

Set up my Modem MV1 with my M-40 took one picture and not another.
Battery is good on both fresh card firmware least I believe I
updated any suggestions?


  • does it say 170808 on the app? for the firmware?

  • Yes it does 170808... I will say my card storage is still 100% meaning nothing on it?

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    If its 100% its full.
    My SD memory is 4% used.

  • My card is 0% used just confirmed.

  • thanks for helping DJ

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    You're welcome. Not sure when you set it up and got the pic. It could be set to twice a day upload or once, before you get your pics.

  • any other suggestions? I emailed Moultrie hoping for a response maybe they
    can reset something on there end.

  • Not really. Did you format the card in the camera, by choosing delete or reformat according to which one it is. Also it shows the last check in the app. It should check in every 25 hrs regardless. YOu can check the format box in the settings to erase the card.

  • I just checked the app and the last check was today 11-7-18 this morning.
    just not sure what's the deal my quess is the firmware must be an issue for
    some reason.

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    Firmware shows good though. You don't have it in quick start mode do you? Needs to be custom. Read through some of these other issues on here. Things like the security sticker on the inside of the door hitting buttons. No hi speed SD cards. SDHC only.

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