I have a Mdl# MCG-13202 product# A-301 trail cam.

Came with 8GB SD Card. Installed aftermarket 32GB SDHC card. Had issues with picture seemed to be duplications. Have set for three pictures. Maybe just unused to that function. Does new SD card require formatting on the mdl.?
Other wise have great results with picture capture and quality.


  • It's always best to format the SD card in the camera and Moultrie will recommend you use that one card in the camera and not swap it out. Also, they say not to use card that state "Ultra" or other high speed language.

    You may also want to go in and check to make sure you didn't accidentally change it to a 3 photo burst. Can't remember if the A30 has that off the top of my head but it's worth checking out.

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