Server Down ?!?!?!?

@Ninjaneer @Moultrie_Queen @Moultrie_Mobile_Tech

Received a SMS that I have new images, logged into the app and the web browser. I can not view any of the new images, nor do I have access to my old images.

Do you have any indication when the images will be available?


  • Same issue here
  • Did you try on the web? It was a little slow loading but I can view mine on both the web and the app.

  • Thanks dp & RH, I just checked, and now have access again... loading like normal. Still had 4 SMS messages during that time that have not updated, hopefully they come through the next time the camera checks in.

  • Looks like there was a small hiccup with the piece that actually serves the images up for render. The images were there, just not loading properly.

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