Moultrie m 50 setup

I finally got through the custom setup. Now I want to hang the camera- do I shift it to the custom setup selection??? The directions do not say?


  • Sorry- camera is M 50
  • I got an M-50 for Christmas. I'd like to believe I'm not a complete idiot however, the software interface and the instructions manual certainly make me feel like one. drjdenton, as a veteran user, have you figured out how to set it up properly? Before I start asking questions I'd like to know someone has the camera working the way they'd like it to.

  • If you have set your settings then yes.
    Navigate to either motion detection
    Time lapse
    Or motion and timelapse combo and arrow to the right for start and it runs that program
  • the arrow on the right push it and then it will count down.

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