Update Firmware on A30 camera

On mybA30 camera I am trying update my firmware to see if the picture cropping issue we downloading to an iPhone will get fixed. My friend has a newer A30 and his downloads pics fine. My model number says it is a 30Ni. But when trying to update it all it says it fail. I’ve tried multiple different files but can’t get it to work. What would be the correct file to use. I do see there is a new version availabile. Thanks for any help.


  • I asked my son why ours did that on his phone. He told me click "edit" on the iphone and it shows the whole pic, I think?

  • I would format/delete the card in the camera. Then put the file on the blank SD card, then the process of updating it to the camera. The only 30Ni i see is the W-30Ni one. Which would then read something like 170808 on the camera when it blinks.

  • Thanks. I tried with a fresh formatted card and with the file you mentioned above as well. Already know about the edit part as well. Just trying to update because a new camera (same model) is working correctly and don’t have to edit.
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    Hmmm. I'll ask my son if his does that too. I got some cameras updated, some not. He has Iphone too. I had an A35 and my A30i didnt update when i tried. Only thing I could think of was formatting first maybe.

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