Design flaw

Wondering if anyone else is noticing this. My modem quit transmitting so I figured the batteries were dead. I go out. Switch batteries. Insert the battery tray and hit the test button and nothing happens. After messing with it for a bit I notice that if I push the tray in hard that the modem then gets power but if it barely slides out the tiniest bit it loses power. My cousin had the same thing happen to one of his modems as well. It’s almost like the spring mechanism that holds the battery tray in is wearing out and doesn’t have the strength to keep the tray in contact with the battery contacts. Anyone else have this happen?


  • I think I have on 2 occasions. Once with modem, and just recently with a camera. With the modem I got to it the next week and had no power after it sent a couple of test pics when set up. It's a snug fit, so I just make sure and put pressure on it before I leave it.

  • Seems like my battery tray may have come loose again today. No modem check in.
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