Modem connecting to cam but not sending

I have used my mobile plenty in the past 2 seasons without fail. I hooked it up last week and it worked the first day. Now it’s connecting to camera every so often but not sending pics through. Anything I can do or Mountie team can do without my driving 6 hours to the location I put it?


  • Checking in every once in a while? Recent activity. Maybe a cell tower issue and a weak signal. Maybe a bad file on card. Usb not making good contact maybe. You could try the format option but it will erase the card. Beats 6 hours of driving.

    Mine went nuts yesterday because I set it to motion/time lapse, and a motion detect set the command 6 mins into the time lapse. It sent about 15 1 minute pics, but none of the last 39 mins. I then got random pics of nothing off and on all night and morning. I cleared the card and set it back to motion detect to stop the chaos. Stranger things have happened.

  • I’m going off of the “last connection” time stamp when I click on the camera. Doesn’t that mean it connected to send the pic, as I have it set on immediate, but never sent?
  • So, it's connecting every 25 hrs? Yeah, if it keeps updating the last connection time its connecting. It should show a signal strength as well. I'd try changing a command in the settings, to see if it may trigger it. Mine just seems confused sometimes like yesterday.

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    Yes connecting every 25 hours. Signal strength is 100%. I just went to settings and switched it to “format sd card.” Maybe that will help?
  • If it's showing connecting every 25 hours, that's a good sign.

    If the USB is still connected and the modem is still checking in, then the format sd card function should still work. Keep in mind, you're going to lose all the pics on the card.

    How long has it been since you received a picture?

  • I noticed mine checked in at 6:41EST this morning without a pic. Which is less than 25 hrs from the 12:41 pm pic yesterday. I'll chalk it up as a dropped signal for now.

    I wonder if "latest activity" still updates if a pic doesn't make it through?

  • It has been since Dec 6 which was the day I hung it. It connected today at 3pm for the 25 hour update so I guess I’ll find out tonight if I get pics.... stay tuned. The drama builds
  • I found out the "latest activity" does update if a pic upload drops. I received 2 pics that didn't upload this morning on my 4 to 5 pm time lapse. The last one matched the latest activity time. But, the 1 min interval time lapse stopped at 4:52 today. I guess there was a signal drop that stalled the time lapse-weather maybe.

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