Still Chasing

There must be some does who haven't bred yet as they're still chasing in the mountains of Virginia.

Or, maybe they're just frolicking in the snow, playing whitetail games :D


  • Almost Heaven, West Virginia?

  • @Ninjaneer said:
    Almost Heaven, West Virginia?

    No, the REAL Virginia. :D

  • We peak out about Thanksgiving week. I left my cams out last year. They were still checking scrapes in Feb. and cleaning them out at the start of turkey season. I guess they were wishful thinking though.

    This is why I leave them cams out. lol He was there 2 days before the season. We were on a bird opening morning right there, and lost the battle. We then checked the cam later and got the pics. We were successful the next morning, but it wasn't this one.

  • @donejones 2nd week of Nov is our peak but there always seems to still be some activity all the way to mid December. Based on what I've learned from a podcast from a Wildlife Biologist from Mississippi State, I'm guessing the ratio out of balance which is causing some does to come back in.

    That's a huge paintbrush! Man, I can't wait for Spring!

  • Yeah every 28 days. However many times they come back in.

    I had him at 30 yards right in front of me the year before. Son was 10 yards to the right and couldn't see him. Last year he just whipped us.

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