60 pictures of nothing in 4 minutes

My camera is taking numerous pictures with nothing in them in short periods of time. This is using excessive data. The PIR is set to low and there is nothing in front of the camera. The camera reflects wildlife in about 20% of the pictures. The camera location is in a small clearing of dense brush appropriately 30 yards by 30 yards.

Has anyone else had a similar experience

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  • Can you post up one of the pictures? this will help us see if there might be something inconspicuous that could be triggering the camera. Another thing you could try (assuming that you have access to the camera in any way) is to put it facing a wall (I.E against the wall) and see if it still takes pictures with no possible way for anything to trigger it.

  • What camera? Mine will pick up deer at 40 yds.

  • Here are some pics

    Using a m 40 camera with updated firmware
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    You on a 4g modem?

    They are suppose to send pics after 2 mins of continuous activity. And while uploading the camera would be inactive I'd assume. That's a lot of pics. I guess 3 burst for 2 minutes would be 60. Not sure how your settings are.

  • 3g modem-1 picture setting-PIR on low setting

    All my data has been used taking pictures of nothing
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    Best to call them I guess. I don't know how it took 60 pics in 4 mins while hooked to a modem. I tried 1 min time lapse and couldn't get 60 in an hour. lol. It stopped 2 days in a row. Sounds like a total malfunction. Mines an M40i.

    My last time lapse ended on 4:52 the other day. I've only received 2 random pics of nothing since. Odd that both say 4:53. Maybe it will straighten up. I'm sitting on 25% used with 8 days left.

  • Guess I will try and reset the camera and modem when I make the 4 hour drive to the property sometime before year end hopefully soon after the data reset on the 20th so I don’t burn through my data during deer season

    The customer service is always nice to deal with-I don’t think there is anything they can do remotely and when I am not with the camera.
  • @Gr8whitehuntr Out of curiosity, is this the first time you have set this camera up in this location?

  • The camera has been in the same location for several months-the excessive pictures recently started in the last 30 days-no other changes made before the excessive pics of nothing began

    Camera and modem out of weather in a protected box with externl batteries hooked the a solar panel
  • Does it start and stop? Or has it just been taking nonstop pictures for the last 30 days?

  • It stops and starts at different times on different days-no pattern to the excessive blank pictures
  • I’m guessing wind is moving something in the picture and the camera is seeing it.
  • Data reset and I have “used” 30% of my data with same problem for the month by the first day

    Don’t know what to do
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    You got another camera to try?

    And do you have a time lapse setting on? Mine was taking randoms with time lapse on, but not that quick.

  • I will take a machete to some of the foliage around-it just started happening and has not before in the same site for months before
  • Made the drive to the property-reset modem and camera-fresh everything-internal/external batteries/new card-power reset etc-goes through check in cyle (modem)takes pics as I check feeder-modem checks in as indicated in app at time of reset and no pics uploaded?

    I know it took pics of me and checked in???

    Any ideas-I have to leave shortly to make Christmas Eve dinner-not a good idea to be late for messing with a camera that hardly works consistently
  • I can't think of much if its going through all of that. Formatted card in camera. Modem see's camera and it shows on dashboard? Still have data since it took so many pics? No upload warning limit?

  • It is very disappointing-I ran through the whole deal again before having to leave-modem shows checking in-however-no pics uploaded-

    Guess I will have to wait a few more weeks before I can get back to the property-when it works-it’s great-when it doesn’t-it’s a $20 a month paperweight

    Don’t know how many months I have had of the system not working-there should be some form of refund for the monthly fee charged when equipment doesn’t work
  • Still having problems @Gr8whitehuntr? Had a reliable source glance over the back-end this morning and the report was that both of your devices were sending pictures as of this morning.

  • Thank you-stoped by late last night for one more complete reset of everything and yes-it looks like the camera Is back up and running.

    Let’s hope it keeps working first and then not take excessive pics

    Thanks again
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