Rechargeable 12 volt question.

Looking for replacement 12 volt rechargeable batteries. Not necessarily from Moultrie but yet fit the box they sell. Anyone use anything besides the Moultrie brand batteries. Is there a difference in amp etc......? Or what are some of your setups?


  • I used/made my own waterproof battery boxes and cables. They are Duracell Ultra 12v 14Ahr batteries, part # SLAA12-14F2 from batteries plus.
    The reason I went so big is that SLA do not like to be discharged past 50% and I wanted to change mine out 1x a year. I'm using a modem and camera and splitting power between them both.
    I built a second box for a back-up to be used to exchanged in the field.
  • Beautiful wiring job, especially with the heat shrink and high quality cable and connectors!
    I've been doing professional marine and home wiring for years, and you have a top quality install!
    It's MUCH better than the Moultrie supplied battery box and wiring. The Moultrie battery is only 7Ah (amp hours)

  • Thanks capttris!
    Just installed in the field.
    Added a couple feeders to our hunting location. We should be a lot more pictures coming in.
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