Different camera models





Got more than one of some. Need to get more. Hate to admit it, but I'm addicted to pictures.


  • Here are a couple more cams in addition to what you have listed.





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    I need some more A35's. I like them things. Had to do another month of cell cam too. The woods are about done for a couple of months, but I need a pic every now and then, until I get back down to check the other cameras.

  • The M888 has been my favorite so far. I have one that has been out for 2 years solid and it's still running strong.

  • I miss that 990i. They are all pretty nice. The more expensive ones having a little more clarity.

  • Oh yeah, that's a good reminder. I have some from a M999i as well. The only advantage I found over the M888i was the screen where you could view images. I never used it for that purpose, but it was helpful to line up the camera.


  • Why I like turkey hunting. Thought someone stuck a decoy out. Only moved its head for over 10 minutes when I scroll thru the pics.

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