Data renewal and no pics

Have both Mv1 and MV2 running now. Both on 12v batteries fresh. Mv1 ran out of data at 2:45 yesterday morning. Mv2 was at 95% when data refreshed. Mv2 is working properly but the Mv1 is not taking pics. Both established feed sites and the Mv1 would get far more pics then mv2 solve it's been corned much longer. Sent Moultrie a message. Has anyone encountered this? Going to go out this morning and Wake up the modem again. Last check in on Mv1 was 1:51 CST yesterday morning.


  • Can't say that I have. I'm getting pics this morning.

  • User error. First time I've noticed that it reset back to one daily download with the data renewal on this 3g
  • But assuming it's only because the data ran out before the renewal date. The 4g was still set to immediate but that had a very small amount of data left at renewal
  • So...... Interesting. My modem reset to one daily download after I changed settings to immediate.
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    So just placed corn. Cut a lane and stood in front of camera for 15 minutes. Modem checked in at 12:36 downloading everything from the last 24 hours. Camera settings show 15 sec delay and immediate download. No pics are being taken and if so not being posted to app or online. 4g checked in with picture shortly after 3g checked in for the once daily. 4G working fine 3G not so much
  • Cameras and modems batteries and signals all read fine
  • Yeah, that sounds about like 3g. lol. I think the camera and the modem get to arguing with each other sometimes, and just say screw it.

  • Everything came back to normal about 4:30 today.
  • Although I've used 54% of 125mb in two days A
  • What you got that thing set up on, a red light intersection? 1300 plus in 2 days? lol. Camera probably got smoke coming out of it.

  • 50lbs a night these bitches are plowing through. Thinning out the next couple days I'm sure the pictures will decrease.
  • I can't get 1300 pics a month on 3 triggered with 10 second delays, with 7 deer standing in front.

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