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I assume the built in photo editor on the Moultrie Mobile web page isn't supported anymore? Just spins busy. When I click on Aviary, it shows "Adobe announces end of life for Photo Editor by Aviary".


  • I get the same thing, been doing it for a few days. I really liked that feature. I cant even select a few pics and delete them now, I have to delete 1 picture at a time, fun when you have 6 modems running lol. It just gets better and better with Moultrie, or Pradco.

  • I'll stir up the powers that be and see if I can get some investigation on the photo editor thing.

    @Proaction14 Are you using the website or app to delete the pictures? I just deleted a slew of them and had no problems.

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    Thanks @Ninjaneer. I use it because I keep my computer brightness low. I have to shed some light sometimes on night pics. Low importance. @Proaction14 check those boxes and hit the drop down menu above(selected) to delete on the web page.

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    @donejones @Proaction14
    Hey guys it's true. Adobe is no longer supporting the photo editor that we were using on the site. We are going to have to explore other options at this point.
    We want to make sure that we choose a good editor that best fits the needs of our customers. My question to you is: What all features did you use on the photo editor and what other options would you like to have?

    All, Feel free to leave suggestions and we will do our best to find an editor that works best for you.

  • Thanks @Moultrie_Girl. I mainly used the brightness and the zoom some on thumbnails. Until I figured out right mouse, and opening the pic in another window using CTRL and scroll bigger worked better for zoom. Anything I edited was after I saved it in my computer or my phone. Mainly the brightness control for thumbnails at the edge of the flash range.

  • To be honest, I rarely used it. The times I have, it was to increase brightness and I believe there was a White Balance feature which I may have used.

    I can see where it would be helpful to help lighten up some photos for a 'better look' but I don't think an elaborate tool is necessary.

  • I would definitely use it for crop, brightness and maybe also color and white balance.
  • Unsure if this is related to this or not, but is there a way to just use the arrow keys on the keyboard instead of having to click next or previous when scrolling on laptop?
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    @dpekera arrow keys work fine doing that on my keyboard once you click on a pic.

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