I just got a-20i set it up and turn it on. Left it In my house to see what kind of pic it took. Nothing ever happens I dont see any blinking ever and when I turn it off and want to turn it back on to try again o have to take batteries out to get to it to turn on? Help me out am new to this


  • What sd card are you using?

  • San disk sdhc card 16 gb
  • The card should not be the problem then. Might try a different set of batteries or test the ones in it individually. If the cam doesn't countdown then it may be defective. Probably going to have to give customer service a call or if you bought it local, get an exchange.

  • It counts Down then goes blank like it said it would but never takes pic and there is a light I think it says status bye it does that blink or anything mine dont
  • When you have it in setup mode where you set time/date etc, does the status red light come on and flash as you waive your hand in front of It? The status light will not light up when it takes pics.

  • Unfortunately it sounds like a defective cam to me. If it doesn't have the current firmware then you can try and update it to see if that might fix it https://www.moultriefeeders.com/firmware-faq

    If it doesn't, then reach out to customer service and see what they say. They generally start their trouble shooting questions with sd card, batteries, and firmware update, so you should have those bases already covered if you call.

  • One other thing to try is to format your sd card in the cam. Just go to setup mode and delete the card. This formats it to the camera

  • Bad product so took it back.. new one works great
  • glad to hear it. Moultrie is a great product.

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