feeders dont spin fast enough !

What the heck is with these feeders these days ? They will not spin fast enough to sling the corn anymore . My 2 newest feeders that is what I am talking about . 4 months at 2 times a day and they are shot already ? Yes , clean corn , only corn, new hot batterys , tried couple different batterys . They work fine for the first 300 lbs of corn than don't work or move very slowly . ITS THE CRAP MOTORS FELLAS ! Ihave 6 year old feeder , yours that still work great ! The new camloc spin on type are the ones that don't work fer dodo ! I honestly feel like I am owed 2 working feeders to replace the junk I have now . Of course I don't have the box or receipt anymore , never needed to keep them before . Come on man ! LOL China motors gonna cost you all us long time customers or you going to step up and make things right . I have no issues with simple cameras of yours . These new feeders blow !

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