Moultrie Mobile Now Offers Image Recognition

Moultrie Mobile is proud to reveal its newest update to the Moultrie Mobile app and website — Image Recognition.

Image recognition technology enables Moultrie Mobile to scan your images for deer and turkey. If game is detected, a “Smart Tag” is applied, allowing users to instantly filter and sort by species. Gone are the days of manually sorting through trail camera pics. Image Recognition does the work for you. And the best part – it’s free to all Moultrie Mobile users and will be improved and expanded continuously.

To utilize Image Recognition, simply log on to your Moultrie Mobile account via the app or website then underneath filters, click on “Smart Tags.” Select the species that you’d like to view, and the system will automatically filter down to images containing that species. For example, if you’d like to view only deer photos, then select “Deer” and Moultrie Mobile will only show you deer photos.

The best news is that Image Recognition will get “smarter” over time and will allow for more species-filter options. Our Moultrie Mobile users can help us to improve this technology by letting us know if images have been tagged correctly. To provide feedback, go to the image detail view and select “yes” or “no” next to the tag for each image. You can also sign up for email or push notifications letting you know when a Smart Tag has been applied to an image.

Moultrie Mobile’s Image Recognition technology will begin automatically tagging your images once it goes live on Wednesday January 9th, 2019. As a bonus, we have added Smart Tags to images upload over the last few weeks so you can see the power of this technology as soon as it is released.

New to Moultrie Mobile? Try a free demo version to see why Moultrie Mobile is the preferred wireless scouting solution for game managers. Go to or to the Moultrie Mobile app (available for both iOS and Android) and enter the following email and password — Email: [email protected] Password: 1234567!


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    sounds like a good idea but not impressed so far..... it started 'smart tagging' on jan 3, going back I had 37 actual deer pictures since then, 17 pictures were 'smart tagged' as deer, but 3 tags were wrong. The tags only saw 3 of 6 turkeys in the same time.

    Also it says you can help them improve the technology by selecting yes or no if the tag was correct. If you select no, shouldn't there be some options available to provide the correct tag? i.e. if a deer was not tagged, you click no, have another menu open for you to select deer, or turkey if it was a turkey that was missed? I don't see how the technology will learn if a correction isn't provided?

  • I chose turkey. It tagged 5 pics. 4 were deer. Maybe the system is still scanning the pics since its DAY 1.

    Give them time to fine tune it I'd say. Our choice to choose the filter. At least they are trying to give some search options.

  • @twinsdad I'm not quite following what you're saying. Even without selecting the smart tag in the filter I can view images that both have and don't have tags. I'd say if you come across a picture that has a deer but isn't tagged as deer, that would be one you'd report as incorrect.

    @donejones I'm sure it'll get tuned more and more over-time. I did some image recognition stuff in school and it can take a bit to fine tune it (and lots... LOTS of pictures)

  • It's running at 76% accuracy for me. Not too bad for a system that's still in the early stages of learning.

  • Is it missing tags, or tagging things wrong? They'll need that kind of info to improve the system.

  • Misses. I haven't had anything tagged incorrectly. When I get some time, I'll go though the ones I have so far and use the feedback tool.

  • I get a lot of turkey pics that I filter out to delete. The feature works pretty good. I’ve found if you “select all” to delete a batch of pictures you have to scroll down to select more pics to delete.
  • I’ve also found if you select a date range and the game filter it doesn’t work. It would be nice to look at deer only pics from 11-1 to 11-30 for example.
  • Any possibility of adding smart tags for PEOPLE? (just humans in general) I lot of us use these cameras for safety and security. Thank you.

  • @capttris Thanks for the feedback. It's in the works! We are planning to add to our smart tag options!

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