Modem checking in daily-no pictures

Have a modem that stopped sending pics three days ago-worked fine until them-checking in daily but not sending any pictures

Anybody having/had similar issues?



  • Hard to say without laying eyes on it. No triggers, something disconnected it, electronic malfunction. If you don't need the pics on the card as hi res, maybe try formatting and erasing the card on the app or web.

  • Tell us what you've tried to correct it and have ruled out. Hopefully we can help narrow it down.

    A couple common issues are:

    • Batteries
    • USB Disconnected
    • Firmware outdated
  • Should have added-camera and modem reset three days prior to the issue-fresh internal and external 12volt-formatted fresh card in camera-current firmware in camera-option to format card set on app.

    Worked fine for three days after all above was completed

    Not sure if there is anything I can remotely at this point
  • You may have a disconnected USB. Unfortunately, the only way to check that is to go to the unit.

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