Data reset

Is everyone else's data resetting on the 28th? Mine resets just before the 21st for some reason, like the billing. I wanted to make sure before I burn up what I have left before it does. lol

My message even says the 28th like it used to be.
I just don't know anymore.


  • Guess it didn't matter. Time lapse didn't come on anyway.

  • Mine say the 21st. Pretty sure that's what it's always been for me but I can't say 100%.

  • Yeah it ends there. Seems like it use to be 21st billing and the 28th like the message. But. def. evening of the 20th now.

  • It definitely shouldn't be resetting on the 28th anymore. Awhile back Moultrie changed things to all coincide on the 21st (like billing was), I suppose in an effort to reduce confusion. If you've got a message that still says the 28th, I'd shoot an email to them and tell them about it so it can get changed.

  • That's what I thought. That message confused me, but i know it had been resetting the evening of the 20th for a while.

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