Firmware update

The app shows that several of my cameras (m-40i) has a firmware update, but the website doesn't show it available for download. I assume it will be needed for use with MV2. Anyone else seeing this on the mobile app?


  • Yep... and haven’t had any pics sent since 01/17 either

  • I'm getting my pics but the alerts this week have been random
  • Both of mine show that a Firmware update is available as well. (M40i and M888) When I look at the Firmware page on Moultrie's site, it's the same version I currently have installed on those cameras.

    No issues with notifications or pictures. They're still coming in as expected.

    Perhaps Moultrie hasn't uploaded it to the site yet. @Ninjaneer or @Moultrie_Queen Do you guys know what may be causing this message?

  • That's what i assumed as well

  • Now it no longer says there is an updated firmware

  • Must have been a hiccup that was throwing false positives for Firmware updates

  • Ok thanks

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