Feel like I stole something lol

Ran into the city to pick up something and went into a walmart that i havnt been to in years (not the safest side of town).

Aparently this walmart only stocks trail cameras during hunting season instead of year round like my local walmart does.

What this means for me was Markdown!!!
Pickes up two W30i (a30i) for $40 per
And two m50i for $70 per

I just bought a w30i last week at my walmart for 80 and the m50i at my walmart is $168

Woop woop!


  • Congratulations on getting in on a good deal. Those deals are usually bought out fast. If you are lucky enough to have a Wal-Mart that marks stuff down you can get in on some amazing deals. My Wal-Mart's never mark cameras down and a lot of the other hunting gear gets shipped off somewhere else.

  • At Walmart this morning and no cameras marked down, but did find the tree mounts marked down.

  • Nice!
    I want to make some of the diy ones you see with the eye bolt

    But every time i go to the store i forget to get the stuff
  • The diy one's would definitely be an advantage when hanging cams high and angling down. I've never made any because like you I never make a special trip and when I am at Lowe's it's long since left my mind.

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