A-35 Displays "Busy"

The camera displays "BUSY" as soon as a card is inserted. I tried to turn it on w/o the card and nothing. "BUSY" is displayed no matter what position the switch is on when a card is in. Brand new batteries (I thought they died). I have 2 cards for each camera I own and they are formatted to that specific camera (I write down the camera name and # on the card. ie; A-35 #2). I have never had any problems with my A-35s, so this kinda PO'd me. Any ideas or suggestions?


  • *Just checked it again.... Now NOTHING is displayed. Camera won't power on (with or w/o card), no "BUSY" displayed.

  • Definitely seems like something is busted. I'd call CS and see what they have to say about it.

  • Yeppers... Kinda thought so LOL I'll do that and update.

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