Moultrie Panoramic 180i Game Camera - Specs Clarification

Looking at replacing 2 M-880-G2 that I have for security. These are mounted to maximize field of view (~120-degrees). It appears the 180i is three independent cameras mounted to provide 180-degree field of view with 14-MP resolution.

Is the resolution of each camera sensor 14-MP or is the total resolution 14-MP. I really appreciated the independent review from Bowsite and describing the option for tracking movement across the entire field of view. This is the feature I want - but I want these independent images to be 14-MP not 14/3-MP.


  • @dennisg501 Unfortunately there are hardware limitations on the resolution of the actual panoramic image. Taking 3 pictures and blending them into a single photo is harder than it seems, so in order to keep a quick recovery time and a fast trigger speed we have to limit the resolution to 8064x1512, or 12MP on a panoramic photo.

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