P 180i Problems

My pics are blurry, hey it's a deer, but tell what it is...... I request hi-def and still havnt gotten one! I using a "other company"also testing. Also, my data is getting used up too fast! This is not what I expect for 299$ camera 199$ modem 90$ solar for each = 700$ and subscription!


  • Can you upload one of your blurry pics for us to see. How many pics have you received and how much data does it say you have used?
  • Here ya go lol
  • Here ya go #2 My data.... I know I'll have to move it but come on
  • I requested hi def on this one... Still havnt gotten it so maybe I ran out of data..... clearly you can't tell Pts etc, so more data will be used
  • You have a solar panel and you are down to 52% battery? Must be taking lots of pics. Does the panoramic split into 3 pics normally?

  • This is a requested hi resolution, which I thought looked good but how much data is it costing etc and I havnt been getting others I requested?
  • The camera is solar the modem is not but I have it to put out
  • U can change it to not use panoramic, but why have it if you can use it
  • have you tried viewing the pictures from a computer and not just your phone. Those first couple pics look like they are squeezed because even the lettering at the bottom which isn't a "picture" but is added to the pic is blurry leading me to believe that it's being compressed or something because it's a panoramic picture. And do you have your modem set to send immediate or once a day?
  • @Blurrypics Shoot me your contact info and I'll check out your data usage - it's definitely way higher than it should be. If I had to wager a guess I'd say that when we had our server congestion one or two of the hi-res pics you requested came through multiple times - something I can fix.

    As to why the rest of the hi-res aren't coming through, I'm looking into that presently as I've had a few reports of the same.

    One thing to note is that the P-180i is an 18V system and the power panel is only a 12V output; it will work just fine and pro-long your battery life a considerable amount but you will still have to replace the batteries in the P-180i at some point.

    My last note is that Panoramic hi-res pictures are quite large; depending on the scenery they can range up to about 6MB for a single picture.

  • I just received my christmas gift to myself and I am trying to set up date and time. It seems as though the buttons do not work. They light up but when it goes to menu it wont let me choose to go to setup or start. on Quick, Custom or Aim. It also seems to take a long time to turn on and off. If there is something I am doing wrong please help? I have an empty SD card in its not locked brand new batteries. Thanks

  • On custom start, press the menu and down arrow to scroll through the modes. Once you see the mode you want, press the left arrow to enter the options for that mode.

  • I just put brand new batteries in my MCG-13036 and now the camera won’t turn on
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