Firmware Update and Formatting Card

Scenario: I upload the BIN File for the newest firmware to my SD card before heading to the woods. I get to my camera and install the SD card with the newest firmware and format the card to my camera by deleting pics. If I delete pics off the card will it also delete the firmware file? Or do I do the firmware update first before formatting the card?


  • If you format the card it will wipe the bin file also, so do the firmware update and then format the SD card in the camera.

  • I have a bag full of SD cards, and I make a habit of every time I insert a card into the camera, I delete and format the card, just to make sure the card isn't already full, and also to make sure the camera formats the card and she is ready to go. It takes another step, few extra seconds, but just reassures me that the card has been cleared and formatted for the camera. Not 100% necessary, but recommended. Has worked for me for sure.

  • Thanks @swampassassin. I've always deleted my card on the camera as well. Learned that trick from Moultrie customer service in 2011.
  • Yes Formatting that sd card in camera makes it better for storing images I see some talk like they format it in their computer and then when it does not record any images wonder if it is like using that SD Card in a non game camera and it does not work right it is the format each game camera uses a different format so it is always best to format the card in the game camera it will be used in less chance for it not working when you return and check the game camera in the future...

  • How do I delete pictures and format my sd card using the camera?

  • > @Floyd said:
    > How do I delete pictures and format my sd card using the camera?

    Which model do you have?
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