New Stand location

Set up a new stand a few weeks ago. I do believe it is a good location.


  • WOW! That's a shooter for sure. Best of luck!

  • I'm thinking the dbl tree directly in front of the camera. Lol

  • Impressive. Hope to see more of that guy.

  • holy hell. any more of him?

  • Bet you didn't see him during the season. Aug 30 (! my B-day !), middle of the day, 82 degrees . . . he most likely found your mineral lick, smelled your scent during the next couple visits to the area and headed away to stay safe. The big boys don't get that big by being stupid. At least that's my experience with big deer on camera in the National Forest lands of Michigan. Hope you see him again next year. Let us know . . .

  • In 2012, I had two bucks like that and got good pics or each. On the 2nd day of archery season I tagged one of them, at 221 lbs, and 11 pt. Hope you get this one he is a keeper.

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