M880i No flash

I purchased two of these M-880i trail cam; one of them I have been using and have had good results. Now that it is getting closer to hunting season, i put the 2nd one out. I only get black images, the flash doesnt seem to be working. I have the program to factory default, the same as the other cam. Is there something I am not doing that is causing this.


  • @Gautreau Black pictures are usually caused by one of two things: Either the IR filter isn't moving properly or the flash itself truly isn't firing. Give our CS department a call at 1.800.653.3334 and they can walk you through some trouble-shooting steps to determine exactly what the issue is and how we can resolve it.

  • I just started using my new camera, and I'm getting a lot of black images between good ones. What's going on here?

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    Sounds like the led's are not firing everytime @Tarvah

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