A20 camera name

I recently purchased 4 A-20 cameras and wanted to name them more than camera 1 through camera 9. They were number 17-21 cameras I own, and use. Most others, many are Moultries, allowed me to rename the entire default name, not having to leave "camera" like these do, and only 1-9 as a default choice like these cameras do. I want to name them JD17, JD18, etc.
I am very savvy when it comes to computers, is there a way to edit the default "camera" out and replace it with anything I want like every other Moultrie I have owned?
Example again to be clear --- instead of being stuck with "camera 7" can I make that "JD17"?


  • Good day JD1, I posted a similar question this morning in the forum, did you find an answer to this ? I was looking at the SETTINGS.XML file and the values in it to see if changes could be made there.


  • Unfortunately i'm pretty sure that the camera throws out anything that isn't part of it's default settings parameters so I believe you are stuck with the 1-9.

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