Stops throwing feed

From time to time, for no apparent reason, my 15 gal directional feeder will not throw feed. The spinning wheel is spinning for the appropriate amount of time, but no feed. Upon inspection, I find the well that feeds the spinner is full. Nothing is wet and no visible clues are available. If i clean the well out and pour more feed into it, it begins to work again. I feed pellets, so there is some feed dust at the bottom of the feeder but not much. Any clues as to what may be causing this apparent jam? Must I add corn or something? No jam is visible and when I disturb the feed by trying to remove it, it seems to clear the problem up. This happens once a week or maybe a little less often than that.


  • I had the same problem with pellets in mine. A Pro Hunter Quick-Lock. I just stick with corn.

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