Card is not recognized

I have a Gamespy I-45 and it has always worked great. I just set it out and it does not see the SD card. It is a 64 gig card and works in my other cameras just fine. I formatted it and it still is not seen. When I turn on the camera it says memory full but my card is empty. I looked through the settings and everything seems ok. I pushed the reset button and it is the same.
How can I get it to see my memory card? Thanks for any help


  • I believe you are using to big of a card. The biggest card that cam will accept is a 16gb card.

  • I will try a smaller one but I am sure I have used that one all the time. Three years now

  • I just tried a small card with the same results. It is not looking at the card. I get the message that there are 118 pictures on an empty card. I take the card out and get the same message. I go into mode and delete all pictures and get the same message.
    It does not see the card at all

  • Sounds like the cam might be done for. You might try pulling the card out while the cam is on, turn the cam off and then put the card back in and turn it back on.

  • Nope. Still the same.

  • Sounds like the SD card holder in the camera might be shot. Contact customer service and let's see what they can do for you.

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