A30 Camera -- What brand of disk should I use?

I received a Moultrie A30 as a gift. I tried using the SanDisk Ultra for capturing images (from my Nikon camera). I see that this type of disk is not recommended, so I need to purchase another type. Can someone provide me with a recommendation? I tried using the SanDisk Ultra without success.


  • I use SanDisk Ultra 8gb in my Moultrie cams with no issues. The problem may come from using it in your handheld cam. Try formating the card in your Moultrie cam.. This is done by simply deleting the card through the menu functions. It's a good idea not to mix cards with your handheld.

  • Thanks for your advice. However, I tried reformatting the disk in my Moultrie camera and it still seemed to not recognize that the disk card was there -- would not write to the disk. I'll give it another try, but maybe I should purchase a Kingston disk and see what happens.

  • http://www.moultriefeeders.com/support-firmware-faq

    Check and see if your cam has the current firmware. If not install the latest firmware and see if that might help.

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