How many cameras do you run?

Hey guys. I'm curious how many cameras ya'll run on your property. I've got about 100 acres and 3 cameras (2 A-5 Gen2 and 1 M-888i). Does that sound like enough? The camera locations are near natural funnels, so I'm seeing decent activity, but wondering if I need more cameras for better intel.

How many would you recommend?


  • @Focus honestly, this is a personal preference. It depends on how much coverage you want on your land. If you are not satisfied with your coverage and want to see more of your land or what is on your land, I recommend more cameras. If you are satisfied with the coverage you currently have with your cameras then you are good to go.

  • @Focus Typically, I hear people use one per hundred acres as the minimum for good activity monitoring but must users I speak with use a much higher count, particularly on smaller properties with about one camera per 20 acres.

    The key though is finding the right locations with travel lanes, particularly those into and out of bedding areas and good open feeding areas where more animals will congregate.

    Just as an FYI, here's a good article on surveys from our friends at QDMA:

  • 30 on 3 different properties. Stick to food plots, water, licks and edges.
  • I typically use two on my 40 acres but this year will set up three. I set two up on my food plot, one on the north end and one on the south end. In past years on the same field I've seen the bucks consistently come out on one end of the field and the does come out on the other. Its amazing how much the action varies within just 100 yards on the same food plot. By setting up this way I'm able to catch the majority of the action on my property as most of it funnels through my food plot.

  • Have 17 on about 100 acres, at some locations I have two maybe 3 cameras covering the same trail. interesting what pictures you get with the different angles.

  • 3 on two different properties.

  • Personally I run 7 between about 200 so guess that's about the same. You can always have more but I try to leave big safe zones that I don't enter
  • I've got 6 - all Moultrie - scattered over 170 acres
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