Deer Feeder Classic vs Pro vs Elite

As the title says, I don't quite understand the difference between these models. Can someone explain?


  • @Focus There are several differences between all 3 of these feeders. We have multiple Pro type feeders which have own differences. We have all this information at and you have the option to compare side by side each feeder.

  • I bought 5 of the Dinner Plate gravity feeders last year, the plastic knobs that the feeder plate twist on to all broke off , referring to when feeder was empty the deer bumped and rocked them to get more corn and broke them , I called Mountie about this and never got anything done to replace the parts
  • @Bigr4875 Sorry to hear that you're having problems. I'm not sure who you spoke with in our CS department, but please give us another call and we'll see what we can do!

  • I just know the Classic the raccoons kept ripping my wires out and now with the elite they can't lol
  • Would love to see Moultrie make a feeder out of cast aluminum if a bear knock the feeder down the plastic housing will break

  • I just purchased two the Deer Feed Pro..but I would like to raise them up about 2 feet...Can you buy extra poles ???

  • I have the same question, I can't find where they sell just the 3 legs. It was a little shorter than I anticipated, I bought the foot kit & varmit cage. I don't want these dang hogs breaking it. I may just have to weld up some pipe legs in the middle.
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